Monday, September 29, 2008


I haven't been very diligent in tracking my progress at a life here in Grand Junction, so let me fill you in on whats been going on. Emilyn and I have been doing a program called Kindermusik for a few weeks now. It is with a bunch of other little babies close to Emilyn's age and is fun. Emilyn hasn't decided exactly what she thinks about it yet. She sits in my lap and clings to me the entire time!!! It is sweet, but you think that she would get over it after a few weeks.

There is also another music program that I found out about just recently that is done in our stake. It is pretty much like the other one, but with the kids in our stake and totally free! I think we will be keeping up with this one much longer. Last week Emilyn held this little boys hand when they were was really cute!

I joined a gym with my sister-in-law too and have been going at least weekly to do a pilates class, though it is getting harder every week with my tummy getting bigger. I am still doing a jazz class and Emilyn and I also found a cool playplace for her to play at.

I still haven't found a connection with someone that I feel we could watch 24 or The Office with and haven't found a dance base to keep up with, but it will happen, it just takes time.


Sarah said...

That's great you've been able to find play groups to do with Emilyn. To make you feel better, we haven't found any one we can watch 24 or the Office with either. It's hard finding friends as awesome as you guys!

Mendel Family said...

I love kindermusik! That is a fun program!

Lildonbro said...

Hey! Found your blog through Sook's. Sounds like you are having a good time in Grand Junction and hopefully you'll find 24 and Office buddies soon!!